Why edMe?

Our apps are designed to make learning engaging and meaningful for YOUR child.

Say your child reads the first two Harry Potter books (yes, there is an app for that!!) and loves Soccer. Our three apps give instant feedback. In addition the data is coded and aggregated. If you give us an e-mail address, we send meaningful, useful feedback as soon as we have enough questions answered.

Each app has features to tailor the experience to your child's interests and motivations. Each app also pays attention to how your child interacts with the app to learn his or her academic strengths and weaknesses.

Choose the apps that engage your child. All of our apps are built on top of one database that uses each learning event to improve the next educational environment. If you use the same e-mail address to register in each app, then we can provide educational updates based on all your student's experiences with edMe. Note that we encourage you to set up a "fake" e-mail address and share this process with your student. It's the 21st Century so teaching children how to be safe online is an important responsibility shared by all of us.

Finally the feedback that we provide will primarily consist of suggested learning experiences engage family, utilize play, and encourage engagement with the outdoors. We get outside to run and laugh like everyone else, so we recognize that these apps are only one of many tools that will help your child reach his or her full potential.

Is it safe?

First and foremost our apps protect your child. Unlike social network or even grocery stores, we do this by collecting no personally identifiable information. We do not ask for a name, age, password, or anything else that you may want to keep secure. We do have an e-mail login, but we plainly state that it is fine to fake the e-mail address. The e-mail address is used to aggregate learning events across apps so that we can give you the most complete learning update. Some families have created a "fake" e-mail address that automatically forwards the information to their regular account. Not only does this separate us from any personally identifiable information about you or your student, but it can also serve as a learning event for your child about how to stay safe online.

You know what is best for your family, and we abide by your decisions.

Why is e-mail optional?

We don't send marketing e-mails, we don't sell your e-mail, and we don't bother you through e-mails. The only e-mail we send updates you on your child's progress on a weekly or biweekly basis. These progress e-mails often contain suggestions for family and outdoor activities that engage young and not so young alike!

These suggestions use the recent learning events to find just the right activity for your child. The activities are tailored to match your student's interests and experience.

You can also see our Privacy Policy.

Haha, I don't believe you. Really, when will you send me junk e-mails?

Never! If you want us to notify you of new releases or be part of our testing team, then you can opt in to our Core Companion community. Otherwise, we promise to never abuse your e-mail!

What if I have more than one child on a device?

We suggest using different e-mails to log in. E-mail accounts are free so we have found this is the easiest ways for parents and teachers to use edMe products. One savvy teacher sent a letter home and asked parents to supply an e-mail address so that parent, teacher and child communicated closely. Another teacher created a new e-mail account for each student (e.g., RyanMrsTsG3, SamMrsTsG3, etc.).

Feel free to do whatever works best for you and your children!

What if I have the BEST idea for your next app?

We are interested! You can e-mail us. If it's an idea that you want to manage, please keep scrolling down and find our "Content Developer" position. We hire Content Developers on contract and part-time basis depending on your idea

Are you hiring?

Always! If you can create engaging content as part of an energetic team then we have a place for you! Please see our positions listed for the following positions:

  • Mobile Applications Programmer (full time)
  • Content Developer

  • Join us!

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