Privacy Policy

edMe Apps use an e-mail log-in but rarely use a password. The information we collect can be connected through your provided e-mail address, but we do not collect names, ages, addresses, credit card numbers, etc. This policy allows you to choose how you interact with us. If you want to take advantage of our feedback system, you only need to provide an e-mail address that you can access. If you want you and your family to remain 100% anonymous, then you can provide us with a fake e-mail address. It will not hurt our feelings!

Are edMe Apps safe?

First and foremost our apps protect your child. We do this by collecting no personally identifiable information. We do not ask for a name, age, password, or anything else that you may want to keep secure. We do have an e-mail login, but we plainly state that it is fine to fake the e-mail address. The e-mail address is used to aggregate learning events across apps so that we can give you the most complete learning update. Some families have created a "fake" e-mail address that automatically forwards the information to their regular account. Not only does this separate us from any personally identifiable information about you or your student, but it can also serve as a learning event for your child about how to stay safe online.

You know what is best for your family, and we abide by your decisions.

Why is e-mail optional?

We don't send marketing e-mails, we don't sell your e-mail, and we don't bother you through e-mails. The only e-mail we send updates you on your child's progress on a weekly or biweekly basis. These progress e-mails often contain suggestions for family and outdoor activities that engage young and not so young alike!

These suggestions use the recent learning events to find just the right activity for your child. The activities are tailored to match your student's interests and experience.

Haha, I don't believe you. Really, when will you send me junk e-mails?

Never! If you want us to notify you of new releases or be part of our testing team, then you can opt in to our Core Companion community. Otherwise, we promise to never abuse your e-mail!

Join us!

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