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Our Reading Companion apps help students build critical reading skills while engaging with their favorite books.

These apps focus on four critical skills:
These four critical skills help students do everything from solve math problems to reading the news. Most importantly, students improve their skills while enjoying literature. Our materials are as engaging as the books so that students fall in love with reading.
For more information about the apps currently available in this series, please visit our Reading Companions page.

edMe Study

Currently in beta testing!

This apps helps motivate and structure the study environment. It takes the phone from being a distraction to being an asset in getting your student prepared for school.

This app is specifically targeted to students that may get overwhelmed by school or has trouble tracking details. It is also intended to give students the skills they will need to manage their own learning when they move on to college and careers.
The app works by prompting students to make a personal goal for test and papers then encourage them to make a plan to reach their goal. The app tracks what the student would like to do and presents daily to-do lists.
These lists help students focus on the current actions that will lead to long-term success. Short-term assignments like math worksheets and chapter reading also are added to the same screen so students know exactly what to do each afternoon. As they complete each task it is easy to mark it as complete, and each Friday ends with a celebration of all the work your student accomplished.
Each interface is carefully designed to make it intuitive and easy to use for students.

edMe Baby & edMe Toddler Google Play Icon. Amazon Appstore Icon.

This app is designed to help young families keep track of the important developmental events and milestones for their infants. Newborns have frequent doctor's appointments, and doctors expect a detailed record of different aspects of childrearing. Cherish helps parents easily record these events so they have more time to enjoy parenting (and a couple extra minutes of sleep!).
Based on popular demand, edMe Baby and edMe Toddler also can connect to your camera's microphone and camera so that you can capture and save those precious memories. Our "One-Click Send " feature allows you to send those memories by text or e-mail to a contact list that you create. This keeps your child's images off of social media and allows family members without social-media access to easily receive updates from you.

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