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Love a book? Make an app!

No coding required, just pick your book, write an initial set of questions, and we will help guide you through the rest of the writing process. Look at the contract here and get started today!!!


We have a full description of this process at our Fiction apps page. Take a look and be sure to look at the PDF and PPT for more information.

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Mobile Applications Programmer


We are an educational technology start-up company that designs learning platforms for preK-12 students. We are an energetic, conscientious organization that prizes the strengths of our employees and seeks the largest impact for our efforts. Our driving focus is providing research-based, personalized education for as many students as possible. To meet these expectations, we are adding to a talented team of mobile application developers with the expectation that new teammates can immediately contribute to our collaborative, productive work environment.

We are currently seeking Mobile Developers familiar with coding HTML5 and Javascript for mobile applications. Experience with MEAN stack development is a plus. The position is based in Northern Virginia although flexible work arrangements can be accommodated.


Qualified applicants will be able to demonstrate understanding and experience developing mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Successful candidates will be able to work within a team to create apps using his or her experience with:

Candidates do not need extensive experience with all of the aforementioned skills, but successful candidates will highlight their skills in a cover letter and be willing to acquire necessary knowledge to complete project-based responsibilities.

Salary & Benefits

Application Details

Please send a cover letter that highlights your experience with the aforementioned languages/processes to

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Mailing address:

4031 University Drive, Suite 100

Fairfax, Virginia 22030


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