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Fiction Apps

These ELA apps help teach and reinforce reading skills using books students already read and love. Check our expanding offerings to see if it matches what you are now reading.

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Book Clubs

Our 99 cent apps are jumpstarting book clubs across the country. The formative feedback helps students gain confidence in what they read, and the questions are great topics to discuss.

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Free eBooks!

Don't have access to a library? We have you covered with free e-books and surrounding literacy materials.

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We are personalizing education using big data techniques. All of our academic apps feed into one database. One place to aggregate information, one place to track growth, one place to evaluate points on critical learning trajectories.

Each app page contains information about the type of information contributed to the database. Please look at the Apps page or About page for more information.

The word "Database" may worry some. And, security is certainly always top of mind for us. Nothing is more precious than your safety and anonymity. Our solution: Collect no personally identifiable information. See our About page or our Privacy page for more information about how we ensure your family remains safe by never asking for identifiable information.

Welcome to our exciting beginning!

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