Personalizing education for each student     

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edMe is pushing into problem-solving in ways that are scalable and get to the heart of identifying strengths and weaknesses in ways that help us prepare students for a creative, successful future. Email us to participate

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We have STEM challenges (and kits) that will challenge your problem-solving skills throughout the school year.

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We have dozens of projects, thousands of reading supports, and over 600 reading badges. Find a book you love on our list, and dive into reading! Log-in today.

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We can provide you and your classroom with editorial support at any stage of the writing process.

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Our Philosophy

Every learner needs a sturdy trunk of reading, math and problem solving skills. We add color and excitement with engaging science, STEAM explorations, and Social Studies infused with primary documents and VR fieldtrips. This entire website is an interactive learning tool designed to engage and inspire.

Learners grow together like these trees create a forest. Each family, classroom, and group of friends can be a collaborative learning grove. Click the 3-D model to explore a bit of STEAM.

Forest Diorama by HarryStringer on Sketchfab

Our mission: Personalizing education for each student.

We started online in 2016, and now also have a physical store in Fairfax, Virginia. We work with librarians, engineers, and other experts to develop materials that share a love for the subject while teaching the important ideas and problem-solving processes.

This website allows you to complete complex projects, and upload them for feedback. So far, we have been loving your work and often ask permission to teach others with your creations. You become the expert!

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We research and pilot test new educational products, infuse education into a variety of events/locations, and generate a wide variety of educational content. Want to partner? Email us any time at:

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